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    In February 1991, arrived from Slovakia to our family first and last bought Bernese Mountain Dog. It was a founder of the breed Nela z Gandlyho Dvora. Nella attended the exhibition and breeding, became a breeding female and so that began the history of the kennel z Akátové aleje. The first puppy was born in 1993 and was followed by another and another. All breeding females come only from our breeding. In 2003 was born  Kodie z Akátové aleje, which became a stud dog and then the father of the only one of our breeding female, which was not born in our kennel - Chiquita Radu. Next adept for breeding female is Růženka z Akátové aleje. We hope that we will be able to continue with breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs in the same way as we do since 1991.